Dangers of a Home Gym: Child Proof Your Home Gym

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Published: 25th March 2010
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For parents, the first thought is the safety of children. Nothing devastates a parent more than seeing their child get hurt by what we commonly take for granted in our homes. One tragic story that never seems to get out of mind is the tragedy that struck the daughter of a boxing champion when she was fatally injured due to a failure in the child proofing.

Having a home gym can be tempting to a child. And we need to be aware that it has DANGER written all over it. Unsolicited practical advice from someone who has three children, a dog and a home gym is worth sharing:

• A home gym is a dangerous piece of hardware. It is not supposed to be placed in an area where a child can get their hands on them. So put your equipment in a room which only you have the key to. Keep it closed at all times.

• When working out, make sure that the children are outside of the room. If they are inside, you have better put up some clear and rigid instructions, complete with glowering eyes, to KEEP OUT of the way of the equipment. If they touch, threaten their computer privileges. That always works.

• A dog is also a child of the family, well sort of. You know what I mean. I actually saw my brother's dog get on the treadmill and then fall flat on its face, scraping its chin.

• Dumbbells should never be left lying around where the child can get them. Some are light enough for kids to carry. I personally dropped one on my toe one time and it broke.

• Be Aware: the home gym has lots of wires and cables and other stuff hanging on it that can act as a noose and strangle a toddler.

The point is, home gyms needs constant parental control. Breaking rules can be dangerous. If the rules are followed, the light materials safely kept out of the way, the door locked and the keys kept, you have child proofed your home gym. So whether you are in the house or not, there is no way that the children can get to them.

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